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SCUBA   Ciao, Leonardo, for yet another clever invention! SCUBA gear and dive equipment have come a long way since the first self-contained underwater breathing apparatus was patented by Rouquayrol & Denayrouse in 1865. At we are making waves in the 21st century .com scuba diving market place. We select diving equipment fabricated with best available material and technology. Yet our prices are usually the lowest in the dive-equipment sea. Whether you are a first-time, recreational or pro-diver we welcome you to our scuba and snorkeling equipment site. We think that even the fabled Italian would be impressed with our current range of scuba gear and our discount scuba price! Please bookmark us and keep us in mind for top quality, distinctive discount scuba gear. We guarantee our products, personal service and your satisfaction. We dive a little differently! Come join us!                                        ...Loving the ocean from the bottom up...

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We at ScubaOnly understand many people are concerned about the safety of transferring their personal information on the Internet. We work hard to ensure your information is safe. At ScubaOnly, we respect and value our customers and their privacy. The personal information you submit to us is used for purchase processing and account maintenance purposes only. This information is used to better serve our customers and will not be transferred to a third party for any reason.

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